Comfort ventilation with heat recovery Air filter and dehumidification


Ventilate your house and protect against pollen and bad smell

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A Swiss is about 90% of his time indoors. On the one hand at home but also in vehicles and trains, at work, at school in the restaurant, in the gym etc.

These interiors are loaded with various substances such as:

- Radon (second most important cause of lung cancer)
- steam (sweat, boil, shower, plants)
- carbon dioxide, (CO2) (used air from breathing)
- house dust mites (feces of mites, especially of beds)
- Formaldehyde (Of building materials and furniture such as insulation, chipboard, flooring etc.)
- volatile organic compounds (VOC), e.g. of detergents
Fine dust e.g. of printers
- Tobacco smoke
- Spores of molds (damp walls, little ventilation)
- pollen (tree pollen and grass pollens that enter the house by airing)
- Animal hair from pets such as cats or dogs
- plants (can trigger allergies)

These loads lead to:

- Bad smell
- A headache
- allergies
- hay fever
- Irritation of mucous membranes and respiratory tract

Many people often have headaches, cough, dripping noses, allergies and other symptoms, and do not realize that indoor air is often the cause of the problem. In some cases, the mucous membranes are irritated for years, which eventually degenerates into allergic asthma and no one suspects that the real cause is, e.g. too high a content of formaldehyde in the air. Of course you should fix the cause, but this is often very difficult. sometimes you would have to tear down the house simply to eliminate the source of pollution.

principle of operation

Single-room ventilation units have the advantage over central ventilation units that they can easily be retrofitted to existing houses and apartments, and despite the fact that they are almost equally effective, they are more cost-effective. Even with new buildings, it is worth considering individual ventilation units.

In many devices, the air is moved back and forth, which works but the sweat and other pollutants are blown out and just blown back into the house and often also missing a fine filter. In addition, there is no need for dehumidification, which is why these devices do not really fulfill the intended purpose.

The countercurrent principle with two fans and double filter

Our comfort ventilation units include two fans, a countercurrent heat exchanger and two filter cartridges which makes the unit slightly more expensive but has the following advantages:

- By countercurrent heat exchanger a very high efficiency is achieved, i. almost no heat is lost

- The fans are extremely quiet, which is why you can use the devices in bedrooms

- The house is actively dehumidified, sweat and steam from cooking and showering is disposed of outside and not blown back into the house

- In the influx and in the exhaust fine filters are integrated on the one hand prevent pollen, or other fine dust can come into the house, on the other hand, the heat exchanger remains clean for decades

- The filters are cheap and can be exchanged yourself

- There are pollen filters and activated carbon filters available which also eliminate organic matter and flue gases


Ventilation unit with pipes for supply and exhaust air including stainless steel façade finish. The devices are available in various variants and surface or flush mounting. When installing, make sure that the devices are installed in the upper area, approximately 30 cm below the ceiling.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 409x388x196mm (HxWxD)
Electrical connection: 230V AC, normally via plug to socket
Installation: It takes 2 core holes to be drilled by the professional (D = 120mm) you can do the rest yourself
Power consumption: 3.8 - 37 watts (depending on the ventilation level)
Max: current 0.16 A
Weight: 8.1 Kg
Sound pressure level LP, A Surface: 19 -46 dB (A) / Aeq 10m2G
Air flow: 15 to 100 m3 / h depending on the set ventilation level (15, 30, 60, 100 m3 / h)
Heat recovery: up to 76%
Filter change indicator: Acoustic, resettable
Condensate discharge: Automatically via façade closure, no condensate collection required
Available filters: standard filter (G4, 0.36 m2), activated carbon filter (M6, 0.12m2), pollen filter (F7 0.32m2)
Frost protection of the heat exchanger: Automatic control
Maintenance: Except for an annual filter change no maintenance is necessary

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