Solar air heating 4.0 for House


solar air collector to dehumidify and as heating support

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With the solar air collectors, a simple and very efficient way has subsequently a solar heater in an existing building to install. Cold and moist air is replaced by dry warmth. Power from the built-in solar cell powers a fan that fresh, filtered outside air draws in the collector. There, the air is heated according to sunshine on up to 40 ° C above the outside temperature. Subsequently, the cozy, warm air is directed through air ducts in the interior and led the stale humid air outside. Everything is coordinated, so that the system is fully automatic and safely during your absence. The twin solar air collector was developed in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar technology and has performed in independent tests as the test winner. The high quality and over 25 years experience of the manufacturer, the sun is optimally utilized and converted about 70% of incident solar radiation into heat. Year after year, the plant operates at no additional cost, the air filter is the only element that needs to be cleaned from time to time. Since the installation is very simple and the ventilation pipes are available in any hardware store is a DIY problem.

Operating principle see picture at the bottom, detailed information in the PDF files to download, other collector sizes on request.

The following are the advantages of solar air heating:
- No 230V power supply necessary
- Easy to fit with full kit, also in the self-construction possible
- Absolut frost-proof, no freeze, no toxic glycol in the system
- in case of leaks no structural damage is to be feared
- moisture and mold are successfully distributed
- no running costs, maintenance-free, the service life is min. 25 years


Air collector with integrated solar panel and fan, filters, regulators, Installation kit, implementation, check valve (without air distribution pipes and outlet)

Suitable for rooms with 40 - 50 m2
Collector area: 4.0 m2
Material: Aluminum housing, insulation rockwool, Selective aluminum absorber, 4mm solar glass
Size: 4000 x 1000 x 136 mm
nominal heat output of 2400 watts
air flow: 200m3 / h
Thermal efficiency & gt; 80%
diameter air connections: 160 mm
differential temperature control via electronic control (Twin Solar Control)
Installation kit for wall, roof or flat roof
variant for recirculation or outside air mode available
Weight: 90 kg


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