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In Switzerland there are nearly one million electric boilers that need unnecessarily a lot of electricity and thus cause very high costs. Very many owners of single-family homes do not know that this is the biggest electricity-eater and that there is a very elegant alternative. The electricity for an electroboiler costs about SFr 600.- per year. If it is replaced by an energy-saving heat pump boiler it costs only SFr 180.- per year. (Basis 200 liters day, old 11.8 kWh / day new 3.5 kWh / day tariff 13 Rp / kWh) The heat pump booth uses the solar energy by extracting heat from the ambient air and discharging it to the hot water. This means that the heat pump boil only needs about 25% of the energy compared to the old boiler. In addition, heat pump boilers are subsidized by Swiss energy subsidy SFr 450.- and the investment can be deducted from the taxes. Thus, the new Bolier is amortized after approx. 7 years and then you save each year approx. SFr 410.-
The heat for the heat pump boil can be generated with photovoltaic, the heat pump has an electrical connection so that it runs when a lot of solar power is available.
The functional principle of the WP Boiler is simple, it sucks air from the cellar, removes it from the heat and dehumidifies it and blows cool dry air. The waste heat from heating, freezers etc. is used. The room must have a minimum of 10 m2 and is cooled by approx. 3 °. If the intake air is too cold, the water is heated by a heating insert. A second heating source such as a wood or oil heater can be connected as required. The figure below shows different variants, where the air can be sucked or blown out.

Technical specifications:
Water content: 270 liters
Size: Height 1960mm Width 625mm, depth 678mm
Weight: Empty 110 Kg, Full 400 Kg
COP: 3.7 (20 ° C)
Water temperature: Adjustable 40 to 62 ° C, Legionella circuit 65 °
Legionella protection circuit: Yes, programmable
External water heating prevents lime formation
Prepared for connection to photovoltaic system (230V input, or potential-free contact))
Display with the most important operating parameters
Permissible intake air temperature: + 5 ° to + 43 ° (ambient temperature at the installation location + 5 ° to + 35 °)
Pipe connection for incoming and outgoing air to guide air (generous 160mm, up to approx. 10m length)
Heat pump: Power consumption 525 to 665 watts, heat output 1650 watts
Electric heater with 1800 watts installed
Very long operating time due to enamel and magnesium sacrificial anode
Electrical connection 230V 16 A
Sound pressure level at the installation location 1 m: 37 dB (A)
Minimum ceiling height 2.06 meters
Highly efficient insulation keeps the water warm for days

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