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Solar compact system for domestic hot water


EFH solar system for Warmasser

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solar thermal systems for domestic hot water are now delivered from the bar and used to thousands. Gone are the days were leaking as the collectors, the coolant oxidized or overheated plant.
Solar water systems make sense everywhere where ultimately hot water is needed. This means in order to heat water to support an existing central heating solar or heat to a swimming pool. When it comes to heat the room air in a new building, also alternatives offer, which do not require the expensive water system.

What is particular about this compact system that empty the collectors automatically when no heat is required or the power goes out. This overheating of the heat transfer fluid in the collector is prevented and prolongs the life of the plant and the Glycolgemisches significantly

This plant reaches the CH Plateau for a household with 4 -. 5 persons and covers the consumption to 50-90 % off, saving approximately 2500 kWh or 250L oil. The collectors can edgewise or longitudinal, are mounted on or in pitched roofs. Also for flat roofs corresponding Jigs are available. Solar systems are funded by the cantons and can be deducted from taxes.

On request we can also supply you with heating support systems, for heating swimming pools or with inclusion of the existing boiler.

the system consists of the following elements:

a solar panels (copper absorber with selective coating, 4mm solar glass glued)
b collector sensor (Turns the pump if enough heat is available)
c control (adjusts the pump 'fetches' the heat from the roof, preventing the overheating of the boiler, incl. display with menu)
d electric immersion heater (Warms the water when the sun too little seems and no additional heating is available)
e pump (Transports the heat transfer fluid to the collector, thanks to speed control higher yields in low light)
f boiler probe (Turns the pump off when the water is warm enough)
g Backbox (water tank of the heat transfer fluid absorbs when the pump is)
h heat exchangers (the coolant is here the heat from)
i heating (eg Oelheizung, gas heating, pellet heating, heat pump, etc.)
j hot water (From here the hot water is in the house distributed)
k thermomixer (Ensures a constant hot water temperature in the house, no matter how much the sun shines)
m cold water connection
boiler. enamelled coil heater, 400 L, 2 heat exchangers for solar and external heating, 50mm PU insulation, electrical heater prepared
coolant: special glycol, Frostproof -28 ° C
compact casing: 2 soft copper pipes incl. sensor cable, insulated by EPDM rubber foam, 15m long, 13mm insulation

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