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In Switzerland, nearly one million electric boiler unnecessarily need a lot of power and therefore very costly. Many owners of single family homes not knowing that this is the most power-hungry and that there is for a very stylish alternative. The current for an electric water heater cost per year approximately SFr 600.- it is replaced by an energy-saving heat pump boiler it costs only £ 180.- per year. (Basic 200 liters day old 11.8 kWh / day newly 3.7 kWh / day tariff Rp 13 / kWh) The heat pump water heater uses solar energy by extracts of ambient air and gives off heat the hot water. In order for the heat pump boiler needs only about 25% of energy compared to the old boiler. In addition, heat pump water heaters are funded by energy future with Switzerland SFr 600.- and the investment can be deducted from taxes. Thus the new Bolier is amortized after about 7 years and then saves every year about SFr 410.-
The electricity for the heat pump water heater can be generated with photovoltaics, to the heat pump has an electrical outlet, so that it runs if much solar power is not available.
the principle of operation of the WP boiler is simple, it sucks air from the basement of her escapes the heat and dehumidify it and blows out cool dry air. Thus, the waste heat from heating, freezer, etc. used. The room must have about 20 m2 and is approximately 3 ° abgekühlt.Wenn the intake air is too cold the water over a heating element is electrically reheated. A second heating source like a wood or oil heater can be connected if desired addition. In the picture below different variants are shown, where the air can be sucked or blown out.
Our heat pump boiler has the best COP (efficiency) of all devices on the market with a value of 3.2, making it extremely efficient.

water capacity: 300 liters
size: height 1690mm Ø700mm
weight 150 kg
COP: 3.2 (according to EN 16147, Zapf Profile XL) On heat pump test center FH Buochs ​​tested with the best result of all tested devices
water temperature: Adjustable from 30 to 55 ° C, in the special mode to 65 °
legionella protection circuit: Yes, programmable
Outside lying water heating prevents scale build-
display with the most important operating parameters
Permitted intake: -7 ° to + 35 ° (ambient temperature at the installation location + 7 ° to + 35 °)
pipe connection for input and exhaust air to specifically lead (Generous 160mm until 10m length)
heater for additional heating such as wood or oil exist by default
electric immersion heater with 1500 watts installed
Very long service life thanks to enamelling and magnesium sacrificial anode
Electrical connection 230V 16A
SPL at the place 1 m: 45 dB (A)
Highly efficient insulation keeps the water hot for days

Gladly we install the boiler turnkey, ask us


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