Wärmepumpenheizung super efficient COP 5.7 kW heating power 5.0


One of the most efficient heat pump heating systems worldwide

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This is one of the most efficient heat pump heating systems available worldwide. In Switzerland, this type of heat pump is becoming increasingly popular in Sweden these heaters are already standard, because the northerners are us a step ahead. This air-air heat pump has an average efficiency of 570%, which means that the heating throughout the year as 1000 kWh electrical energy absorbs and emits 5700 kWh of heat energy in the house. This is of course not an efficiency in the traditional sense, the 570% thermal energy is isolated from the ambient air and leave the house again. If until now one example had an electric heater, then you can split the bill from the power plant in the future by 5.7 and then know how much the electric bill regarding costs on the heater in the future.
When looking until now heated his house with oil, can these heating left and additionally install this heat pump heating. If consumption as amounted to 1000 liters, you will in the future still consume ca.1400 kWh of electricity which will cost approximately SFr 220.- (accepting SFr 12:15 average current tariff)
If you buy 100% renewable electricity or via solar system, Plug & amp; produce Play Kit or energy furniture they are 100% renewable and CO2-free.
The extremely high seasonal performance factor (SPF / SCOP) of 5.7 is reached by a new gas in the cooling circuit, improved heat exchangers, fans, inverter and various other improvements. < br />
As with any heating is very important a professional design matched to the building to be heated. We are happy to assess your particular case so that the heater provides the necessary power, the temperature distribution is right and the radiator and the outdoor unit are positioned correctly. If desired, you can also use a reference system so that you see the new technology in operation see. We look forward to your request, if needed we install turnkey course.

Efficiency: A +++
seasonal performance factor (SCOP / JAZ): 5.7 (Seasonal coefficient of performance)
heat output: nominal 5.0 kW (maximum 9.0 kW)
control: Via infrared remote control
Optional: control via app on smartphone, tablet or PC
size radiator: 295x798x372 (HxWxD) weight: 15 kg Size
outdoor unit: 693x795x300 (HxWxD) 50 kg
color: radiator / outdoor unit White
sound pressure level outdoor unit: 48 dB
power supply: 230V max. 2700 Watt
Options: If desired, the system can also cooling, cooling capacity 3.5 kW Efficiency A +++

Maximum performance at given temperatures

Outside temperature internal temperature Power thermal power
(° C) (° C) (Watt) (Watt)
10 20 1030 5450
5 20 1000 5000
0 20 950 4320 < br /> -5 20 730 3190

-10 20 690 2710 -15 20 660 2230

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