Heat pump heating COP 5.7 COP 5.7 Heating capacity 15 kW


One of the most efficient heat pump heaters in the world

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This is one of the most efficient heat pump heaters in the world. In Switzerland, this type of heat pump is becoming more and more popular. In Sweden, these heaters are already standard, since the northern countries are ahead of us by a nasal length. This air-to-air heat pump has an average efficiency of 570%, which means that the heating is carried out throughout the year. 1000 kWh of electrical energy and discharges 5700 kWh of heat in the house. This is, of course, not an efficiency in the classical sense, the 570% heat energy is removed from the ambient air and released again in the house. If, to date, e.g. An electric heater, then you can divide the bill from the electricity plant in the future by 5.7 and then knows how much the electricity bill in relation to the heating costs in the future.
If you have so far heated your house with oil, you can leave this heating and additionally install this heat pump heater. If the consumption is e.g. 3500 liters, you will consume about 6150 kWh of electricity in the future which will cost you about SFr 900.- (assumption SFr 0.15 average electricity tariff)
If you buy 100% renewable electricity or produce solar panels, plug & play kit or energy furniture, they are 100% renewable and CO2 free.
The extremely high annual work rate (JAZ / SCOP) of 5.7 is achieved by means of improved heat exchangers, fans, inverters and various other optimizations.

As with any heating system, a professional design is very important to the building to be heated. We will be pleased to evaluate your specific case so that the heating system provides the required power, the temperature distribution is correct and the radiators and the outdoor unit are correctly placed. If desired, you can also visit a reference system to see the new technology in operation. We are looking forward to your request.

Technical specifications:
Efficiency: A ++
Annual work factor (SCOP / JAZ): 5.7 (Seasonal coefficient of performance)
Heat output: Nominal 15 kW
Control: Via infrared remote control
Optional: Control via app on smartphone, tablet or PC
Size of heating element: 295x798x372 (HxWxD) Weight: 15 Kg (3 pieces)
Size of outdoor unit: 693/795/300 (HxWxD) Weight: 50 Kg
Color: Radiator / Outdoor unit White
Sound pressure level Outdoor unit: 48 dB
Power supply: 400V max. 8100 watts

Maximum power at given temperatures
External temperature Internal temperature Power consumption Heat output
          (°C)                      (°C)                      (Watt)                   (Watt)                                          
          10                         20                        3090                     16350               
           5                          20                        3000                     15000              
           0                          20                        2850                     12960                
          -5                          20                        2190                      9570               
         -10                         20                         2070                     8130             
         -15                         20                        2070                      6690

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