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High vacuum insulation 30mm (VIP) 0.0045 W / (m · k)


High vacuum insulation

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Vacuum insulation panels (VIP) have the lowest thermal conductivity of all insulation materials and insulate 8 times better than styrofoam (polystyrene foam PS) or 450 times better than concrete.
Wherever space is limited, the benefits of VIP panels come into their own.

- low energy houses
- Hystorical buildings (interior insulation)
- Places on buildings where traditional insulation is too bulky (shutter boxes, balconies, etc.)
- Refrigerated vehicles
- Refrigerators and coolers
- Cold rooms

Heat conduction is facilitated by convection, radiation and conduction directly in the material. If you suppress all 3 factors, no heat is transported, ie. the material is an ideal insulator. This is precisely the approach of Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP). Pyrogenic silica is an open-pore powder that can be vacuumed. The vacuum eliminates convection because there is no more gaseous material that can circulate. Radiation is prevented as it can not penetrate the silica. The heat conduction is very small, because silicic acid is one of the best heat insulators. Even if the vacuum is broken, the VIP panels are still an excellent insulator.

If you were a family home of e.g. Insulate 10 x 10m and 5m height complete with 60mm VIP panels, you could heat the house at an outside temperature of 0 ° C and an internal temperature of 20 ° C with 600 watts (A standard oil heating has about 20,000 watts). Sure, that's a theoretical approach, but it shows how houses will be built in the future. (A person gives off resting about 100 watts, a PC about 150W, a lamp 20W, a stove plate about 2000W, the sun shines with 1000W per m2, etc.)

Technical specifications:

Size: 1000 x 600 x 30mm
Material: Vacuum microporous fumed silica, aluminum vapor-deposited composite foil
Weight: about 8 kg
U value: 0.224 W / m2k (watts per square meter and ° C)
Thermal conductivity (value): 0.0045 W / (m · k)
Temperature resistance: -50 ° C to + 90 ° C (briefly up to 130 ° C / 30min)
Compressive strength: approx. 11 to 13 N / cm²
Fire behavior: Not combustible
Internal pressure: approx. 0.001 bar

The following material thicknesses are available from stock: 15,20,25,30,35,40,45 mm
The following plate sizes are available from stock:
1000x600 mm
1000x350 mm
1000x300 mm
1000x250 mm
600x800 mm
600x600 mm
600x500 mm
600x400 mm
600x250 mm
600x200 mm
300x250 mm

The prices range between approx. CHF 50.- and CHF 200.- depending on size and plate thickness, ask for an individual offer. We can also make to measure, the m2 costs about CHF 200.- to 480.- depending on the thickness of the plate.

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