Heat Pump Boiler Atlantic Explorer super efficient COP 3.7 incl. Installation


Heat pump boiler

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CHF 4,390.00

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We are pleased to install the Atlantic 270 Explorer:

The following work is carried out:
- Delivery of the new boiler
- Dismantling and disposal of the old boiler
- Depending on the old electrical wiring (dismantling the old wiring by the electrician)
- Connection of the boiler to cold and hot water (connection to old existing pipes)
- Installation of 2 meter condensed water hose (Longer hose, etc.)
- Insert the plug into an existing socket (Possible installation of a new socket)

The following work is not part of the delivery:
- Electrical work
- Wall penetrations or other masonry work
- Installation of sewage pipes, siphon etc. for condensation water
- Crane work, etc., access must be on a level or on a sufficiently large staircase
- Insulation of the hot water pipe

The following must be compulsorily fulfilled: a WP Boiler can be installed:
- The room must be frost-free
- The space must be at least 10m2 in size, or the door to other rooms must always be open
- The height of the room must be at least 2.06 meters
- Door width of access must be at least 0.7 meters
- The ground must be able to carry a minimum of 500 Kg

The following must be present or can be installed later:
- Frost-free drain for the condensation water (Not higher than 1.2m above floor (otherwise a condensation pump is required)
- Socket with 16 A fuse (A socket must be accessible for commissioning)

Please send us the following information:
- Your contact details incl. Tel
- Photos of the existing boiler
- Photo of a staircase or access to the boiler (staircase up, middle, down)
- Photo of the place where the condensation water can be introduced
- Photo of the next outlet and its fuse
- Room size in m2
- Is floor load of 500 Kg ok? Concrete floor etc.
- Room height at the installation location
- The width of the narrowest door where the boiler is installed

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