Solar photovoltaic excess heating for off-grid systems View larger

Solar photovoltaic excess heating for off-grid systems


Heating for holidays, rustic chalet or caravan

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In many holiday villas, mountain chalets, caravans etc. there are problems because the buildings are inhabited only temporarily, and so not the whole year can be heated. This produces moisture and if you come in House must first be heated vigorously until it is pleasant and the musty smell
disappears. Exactly for such problem cases we have a heating system develops two birds with one stone kills.
One hand during your absence every sunbeam into heat that heats the interior, on the other hand you have a lot of electrical energy is available for light, refrigerator, computer, vacuum cleaner etc. />

Little additional investment, great benefits
maintenance free, can be operated for decades
While presence is power in abundance

Special heater controller of the surplus electricity to produce heat uses

Cable heating in housing (fireproof base site)
( solar module, battery etc. not included, there is a battery with 250Ah minimum and solar panels with 500 to 1000 Watt recommended)

System voltage 24V (12V or 48V on request)
Maximum current 45 A
heating maximum of 1200 watts (Higher capacity on request )
Size Heating 450x197x88 mm (LxWxH)

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