Wallbox MyEnergie Zappi 22 kW with FI and PV excess charging


The easiest way to charge your electric car at home with solar power

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Can you imagine putting a few sheets of glass in the garden and using them to make fuel for your car? That sounds like a dream of the future, but it is already possible today. Although the housings of most wallboxes look like "spaceships", there is usually nothing more than a copper cable and a small circuit board that tells the car that a charging station with a capacity of 22 kW is connected. If you're lucky, there is still a residual current circuit breaker in it.

It looks a little different with the MyEnergy charging station. The charging station continuously measures the electricity of the whole house (current sensors included) and continuously detects when your solar power system produces more than necessary and this electricity is given to the power company for a few cents. The Zappi immediately reports this excess to the charging electronics in the car, whereupon the electricity is "sucked off" and can be used in the car. In addition, the Zappi can even switch from single-phase electricity to 3 phases and this even automatically. For example, if you have a VW that can charge a maximum of 11 kW, it starts with a single phase with 6 amps (1380 watts) and then automatically increases to 3x32 amps (11,000 watts) depending on production. When the surplus is reduced, the car also automatically reduces the charging power. This means that all of the solar power remains in your house or in the car.

The charging station meets all modern safety standards and is easy to use because it has a display.

3 charging modes can be selected:
Fast: When things have to be done quickly. As fast as your car can or what your grid connection allows, regardless of excess PV.
Eco: Take as much PV surplus with you as possible, but always charge the car with the minimum output.
Eco +: Pack the sun in the battery! Only charge excess, your own electricity into your own battery!

With DC residual current protection, an FI type A (standard in every household) is sufficient.

With load management against overloading your house or apartment connection. You set a maximum current, Zappi makes sure that your fuses do not switch off. Fast and safe at the same time.

Import updates with additional devices such as the hub or control the Zappi via the app.

With the Harvi, you can also wirelessly transmit the current measurement to the Zappi if it is complicated to lay the measuring cables.

Technical specifications:
Charging mode: IEC61851-1, mode 3
Mains connection: 1 phase 230V or 3 phases 400V to 32A (adjustable on the device)
Plug on vehicle side: Type 2 according to EN 62196
Cable: 6.5m
Standby consumption: 3W
Charging current: 6-32A, adjustable and automatically adjustable
Residual current protection according to the standard: 30mA type A (EN 61008) + 6mA DC (EN 62955)
Degree of protection IP65 (assembly outside no problem)
Operating temperature: -25 ° C to + 40 ° C
Power: up to 22kW, depending on the vehicle
Housing: ASA
Status displays: Matrix display with backlight and colored logo (LED)
Dimensions: HxWxD 439 x 282 x 122mm
Back-up fuse: FI type A and miniature circuit breaker (depending on the supply line)

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