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E3 DC S10 House battery system E Infinity AI 12 4.5 kW 18 kWh with emergency power


Make yourself independent of the power plant, finally own power

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CHF 18,999.00

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The E3 DC storage system offers 5 advantages that distinguish it from most other storage systems:
1: E3 DC offers a premium service, which means that in the event of problems, the manufacturer will come to your home and repair the system
2: E3 DC is the only manufacturer that has its own charging station in its portfolio. Among other things, this has the advantage that you can charge 100% solar power into the car without complicated software handstands
3: E3 DC is the only manufacturer that offers its own additional inverter and that can also charge the battery in emergency mode
4: The E3 DC system does not have a Chinese but a Japanese premium battery
5: E3 DC does not offer any components but a system from a single source

Technical specifications:
Technology platform: DC coupled system, AC coupling expandable
Emergency power capability: Yes, fully integrated with no time limit
Number of phases: 3x400V (power inverter is part of the scope of delivery)
Charging station: (Optional)

Battery capacity: 18 kWh
Battery technology: lithium iron phosphate
Battery charging power: 4.5 kW
Battery discharged power: 4.5 kW
Charge the battery from the second inverter 3 kW
Battery temperature range: 5 ° - 45 ° C
Efficiency loading / unloading: max 98%
Depth of discharge: 90%

Solar inverter:
Max DC voltage: 1000V
MPP range: 250 - 850V
Number of MPP trackers: 2
DC power solar inverter: 12,000 watts
Maximum DC input current: 2x18A

Dimensions: Box inverter with battery (WxHxD) 1030x1020x446 mm, with stand 1030x1810x460 mm
Weight: 205 kg
7 inch display on the front
Regulation: 3-phase three-phase current sensor integrated in the device (electricity supply is regulated to 0)
Web portal: connection via LAN cable
Current sensor max.current: 63A
Communication: possibility to connect to the internet
Scope of delivery: battery, current sensor, inverter (emergency power box for an extra charge)
Guarantee: 10 years
Battery can be retrofitted: Yes, up to a year
Integrated smart grid interface to control the heat pump

The price includes the advanced disposal fee (ARF)

If you would like additional knowledge about self-consumption batteries link

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