go Fox smart self-consumption manager for your home


Make yourself independent of the power plant, finally own power

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Once the solar system is on the roof and you are producing your electricity for half the price you would have to pay at the power station, a lot has been done for the better. Now it is in a further step that the precious solar power is not almost free of the EW gives, but consumes the electricity itself and thus prevents the expensive electricity from the EW buys. The go Fox measures at the house entrance (main line of the meter box) the current and looks like a guard dog as possible no solar power goes into the net and vice versa possible no Stom comes from the net into the house.
To achieve this, he controls the heating, the boiler and, if available, the car charging station accordingly. This is done via 4 relay contacts, via analog output or bus system depending on what you have for devices in the house.
In addition, all data is displayed via cloud on your smartphone or PC so that you have an overview of what exactly works and can further optimize the process.

go Fox device
3 current transformers 80 amps

Technical specifications:
Wi-Fi hotspot for configuration and programming
LAN interface for online monitoring and control of third-party devices
Micro SD card for storing measurement data
5 keys Operation on the device
2-line display for display and settings
Analog and 24V output for controlling consumers
RS485 / CAN interface
S0 entrance
Temperature input PT 1000
Current transformer connection via RJ12 plug (converter included)
4 potential-free contacts
Size: 147mm x 90mm x 58mm
Power supply: 3X230V
Power consumption: 4 watts

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