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House power battery BYD 22.1 kWh, Fronius 10kW inverter with emergency power


Make yourself independent of the power plant, finally own power

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CHF 19,596.00

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The Fronius Gen24 10kW / BYD 22.1 kWh storage system offers the following highlights:
- 22.1 kWh storage size
- 10 kW solar inverter
- 10 kW battery charging and discharging power
- Simple integration of an e-charging station that supplies the car with the exact amount of excess electricity
- Simple control of a heat pump / boiler to optimize self-consumption
- Emergency power, up to 10 kW three-phase emergency power available, solar rechargeable
- Built-in web server, system can be visualized via PC or mobile phone app
- Very high efficiency

Technical platform:
Technology platform: DC coupled system
Emergency power capability: Yes
Number of phases: 3x400V

Battery inverter:
Charge-discharge power 7-10.4 kW (depending on battery voltage)
Max. charge-discharge current 22 A
Efficiency 98%
Possible battery voltage range 160 - 500 volts

Solar inverter:
2 MPP trackers with 12.5 A input current each
Input voltage range 80 - 1000V, starting voltage 80 volts
Recommended PV power up to 15 kW
3-phase power supply
Efficiency 98%

Battery capacity: 22.1 kWh
Usable battery capacity: 22.1 kWh
Battery technology: lithium iron phosphate
Battery charge / discharge power: 40A, 320-460 V> 10 kW
Guaranteed battery life: 10 calendar years
Battery temperature range: -10 ° - 50 ° C (power reduction at high / low temperatures)

Switching device for emergency operation:
Three-phase 400V 63 A
Incl. FI type A
Size: WxHxD 338x622x161, 11 kg
Integrated Fronius network sensor, changeover contactors, etc.

Battery dimensions (WxHxD) 580 x 1374 x 380mm
Hybrid inverter dimensions (HxWxD): 2110x585x298 mm
Weight: battery 319 kg
Weight hybrid inverter: 28.5 kg
6 freely programmable digital inputs / outputs for increased self-consumption and communication
Control: 3-phase three-phase current sensor with cable (power supply is regulated to 0)
Communication: possibility to connect to the Internet, web server
Scope of delivery: battery, current sensor and battery inverter
Guarantee: 10 years

The price includes the advanced disposal fee (ARF) of CHF 493.-

If you would like additional knowledge about self-consumption batteries link


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