Powerblox Plug & Play island system with swarm function


Plug & Play island system with easy expandability

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This island system is ready configured, you only have to connect a solar module and you already have a ready-made solar system and can supply 230 Volt alternating current as at the socket at home. In addition, two USB ports and a 12 Volt cigarette lighter outlet are available.

If you want to extend this solar system later, you can do this without tools with a few hands and you already have double the storage capacity, the double AC power and 2 cigarette lighter sockets and 4 USB connections.

It is really interesting if you want to build a microgrid. These may be e.g. 10 garden houses or a small village in Africa. Then the Powerblox are stacked into towers, and a whole village system is created step by step, much like an electric grid.

Technical specifications:

Solar power: 250 Watt (solar module not included)
MPPT Solar charger integrated 30 - 45 Volt 8Ampere max
Charge connection for benzene generator or mains connection 5A
Energy storage: 12V, 100Ah AGM battery
AC output power: 200 watts
12 Volt Output 3 Amp (Cigarette Lighter Beech)
2 x 5 Volt USB max each 2 Ampere
Weight: Powerblox complete 52 kg (without solar module)
Temperature range: -10 ° C to 45 ° C
Size: 40 x 40 x 54.3 cm (L x W x H)
Expandability: 10 pieces, with special measures over a hundred pieces
Warranty: 2 years
Extension cable included in scope of delivery
Integrated multi-function charge status display
Integrated main switch (On / Off)
2 line circuit breaker for grid input and swarm output integrated
Terminal block integrated for fixed wiring

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