FI-Typ B (Ugrade-Kit for Plug & Play -Solarmodule)


The cheapest upgrade to an supersafe FI-Typ B !

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CHF 299.00

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This FI Type B gives you and your family the highest level of safety and is available for our plug & play kits of the following series:

        - 430 W link
        - 600 W link
        - 740 W link

Simply order when you order your Plug & Play kit to fully comply with the highest safety standard!

Why does Fi Type B offer greater security than Type A?
In addition to the functionality of Type A, Fi Type B also reliably detects smooth DC residual currents and automatically interrupts the current feed-through if necessary. The shutdown function is also ensured if different types of residual current overlap, regardless of:

        - Leading edge angle
        - polarity
        - occurring suddenly or slowly increasing

Technical mode of operation:
All-current sensitive RCD (residual current device = error protection circuit) with type B sometimes have a second converter core for additional detection of the smooth DC residual currents, which can be equipped with a Hall sensor to directly detect the magnetic field, and / or others Electronics to, for example, better detect (or hide) frequency responses and their current dependencies and thus offer different types for the corresponding application. Type B is also known as AC / DC sensitive.

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