Plug & Play Kit solar Flooring 12.8 m2 2040 Watt


Photovoltaic flooring for building integration

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With this plug-in kit, consisting of 12 solar panels with a total of 2040 watts, a grid inverter and the energy meter, you can build your own power plant within a very short time. The system is delivered complete, the solar modules are laid in the garden and connected to a power outlet.
They produce about 1400 KWh per year and can thus cover the following:
- Daily with a Flyer Velo about 350 Km drive or
- cover 140% of their personal electricity consumption or
- Burn 385 energy saving lamps daily for one hour
- Or drive 42 km daily with an electric car
In full sunshine it is a pleasure to see how the electricity meter runs back and helps the groaning nuclear power plants to supply the network with energy, give it a try!

You may have wondered why this kit is so cheap. With this kit you will produce the kilowatt hour for a sensational 14 centimes, an ideal facility to install in the veranda or on the roof terrace. Please contact us, we can explain the details of why this kit is so cheap and how you can benefit from it. Special terms and conditions apply to this product so you can benefit from this great price.

Technical specifications:
Solar power: 2040 watts
Energy production per year: approx. 1400 kWh
AC power: 600 watts (a maximum of 600 watts AC power per meter circuit may be connected)
Weight: Kit complete approx. 480 kg
Floor life: 25 - 35 years
Cable length: 6m
Size set up: 12 base plates with the size of 1000 x 1064 x 50 mm (L x W x H)

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