Flexible saltwater resistant solar module 110 watt 12 volt 3mm thin only 4.2 kg View larger

Light flexible solar module "Apollo", 100 Watt 12 Volt, 2 mm thin, only 2 kg


Semi Flexible module for boat or RV

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CHF 550.00

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The solar cells are thin, light, unbreakable and robust, making them ideal for sticking to campers and caravan on the roof. On the boat or boat you can be mounted on the slightly curved deck.


Nominal power: 100 Watts
Power tolerance: +6 / -3 Watts
Vmp:                  17.1 Volts
Voc:                   21.4 Volts
Imp:                  5.9 Amps
Isc:                    6.3 Amps
Module efficiency: 18.8%
Dimensions: 45.9" x 21.9" x 0.8"
Weight: 4.4 lbs (2 kg)
Solar Cells Prime monocrystalline
25% and 23% efficiency SunPower IBC cells
Junction Box TE 1-21-2152049-1 with by-pass diode
Connectors: solar standard
Cables 4 mm2,12 AWG,
450 mm long
Grommets 316 Stainless Steel
Charge Controller Not provided
Weight 2 kg
Panel Dimensions 1165 x 556 x 20 mm with Jbox, 2 mm w/o Jbox

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