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Flexible solar panel for yacht or mobile home

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This solar module is the most powerful flexible solar module available worldwide. New application areas are therefore possible on mobile homes, yachts or in architecture.  
It is a 12 volt module. The module is only 2.5mm thick and can be glued on the usual materials. It is an adhesive tape, e.g. on the back the corresponding glue with peel-off foil is already applied, so you just have to glue it on the cleaned surface. The module is walkable with sneakers and therefore also suitable for the deck on ships. The weight is only 1.6 kg which is important especially for mobile homes. Corrosion is not possible because the solar module is completely made of plastic.

- Only 2.5mm thin, vehicle height is not increased
- No whistling noise even at high speeds
- Very light, decisive for mobile homes and catamarans
- Unbreakable and walkable with sneakers
- No mounting brackets, etc. required
- Very good aerodynamics on vehicles
- Almost invisible, small theft hazard
- Can be mounted quickly without special tools

(It should be noted that the module is not suitable for trekking and expeditions, because it is very flexible but can not be kinked)

Technical specifications:
Nominal voltage: 12V
Nominal power at STC: 80 watts (STC: standard test conditions, 25 ° C cell temperature, AM 1.5, 1000W / m2)
Power tolerance: 0 to + 5%
Voltage at maximum power (UMPP): 20 volts
Power at maximum power (IMPP): 4 ampere
No load voltage: 24.7 Volt
Short circuit current: 4.4 Amp
Temperature coefficient of performance: -0.38% / C °
Connection: cable with Amphenol H4 plug (MC4 compatible) (connection box 17 mm protruding, mounted on the front)
Bypass diodes integrated to improve the performance with partial shading
Laminate: The cells are embedded in a flexible polymer laminate
Mass: 1709 x 348 x 2.5 mm
Weight: 1.6 kg

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