Glass solar panel 205 watts only 5mm thin, walkable


K series, almost invisible and protected against theft on the roof thanks 5mm slimmer design

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The solar modules of the K series are not flexible, but can replace an expensive flexible solar module in many cases. The solar panel can be glued directly onto the flat roof of the mobile home or yacht. If the ground is stable and glued the module entire surface, it is easily accessible.
The solar module has no frame and the socket is mounted on the back. Thus, the module is only 5mm thin, almost invisible and thus theft-proof mounted on the roof of the caravan. In this assembly technology is not expected to wind noise.
For the outlet in the roof, a recess is needed where then the cables can be routed into the vehicle interior. The module has a nominal voltage of 24 volts, it can be connected via a corresponding MPPT charge controller to a 12V battery or a normal solar charge controller to a 24V battery

nominal voltage: 24 volts
Open circuit voltage: 45.4 volts
voltage at maximum power: 38.1 volts
current at maximum power: 5:38 ampere
maximum power: 205 Watt
short circuit current: 5.7 amperes
Size: 1574 x 802 x 5 mm
material thickness: 5 mm
height of socket: 20mm
weight: 10 kg
cable length: 0.8 m

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