Maintenance-free lead battery 12V 115 Ah Varta / Freedom


The solar battery par excellence, proven for over 20 years System

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The Marine Stationary battery from Varta (formerly Delphi / DELCO / Freedom 2000) was invented about 20 years ago and patented accordingly. This is "THE" solar battery par. The lead plates are made of a special lead / calcium alloy constituting very little gases and guarantees a very long life. The few resulting gases are chemically recombined within the battery so that the battery is 100% maintenance free. This battery is designed for cyclic operation and considers, correctly dimensioned, to over 10 years. According to the manufacturer, should in normal daily operations 15% cycled (85% remaining capacity), in exceptional cases up to 50%. The charge discharge efficiency is 95 - very high 98%, so that there are only very small internal losses. For operation with large inverters or permanent, deep discharges the battery is less suitable

Technical Specifications:.

Nominal voltage: 12 V
charge voltage: 14.3 V (20 ° C)
deep discharge: 10.5 V
capacity C100: 115 Ah (at 100 hours discharge)
capacity C20: 105 Ah (at 20 hours discharge)
maximum current: 35 ampere
Operating temperature:. -20 ° C to + 35 ° C (at max 50% discharge)
self-discharge about 3 Ah / month at 20 ° C < br /> life expectancy 50% discharge cycles 300
life expectancy 20% discharge cycles 900
Dimensions: 33 x 17.5 x 24 cm (L x W x H)
Integrated acid density tester for capacity indicator
(Green indicator = battery over 65% charged)
100% maintenance free (no water refilling throughout the service life)
weight: 27.3 kg

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