Connection relay for secondary battery on campers and boats


The ingenious solution for charging the second battery

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This relay solves the problem that every owner of a mobile home or a yacht with second battery.

As soon as the engine is running, is automatically connected to the starter battery and the battery suppliers and thus charged both batteries optimally. Once the engine is switched off, the two batteries are again automatically disconnected, which ensures that the starter battery starts the engine without any problem even when completely discharged secondary battery.
To be connected to the utility battery, a solar system, the isolating relay connects again the catering battery with the starter battery when the battery voltage is above 13.2V utilities rises. This is a long standing time, the starter battery "fit" maintained.
(The connection relay over conventional diodes isolating relay the advantage that it does not generate a voltage drop between the batteries. Diode circuits usually produce a voltage drop of approximately 0.6 volts which is that the consequence the secondary battery is never fully charged.)
the automatic measures the voltage of the starter battery / catering battery and can thus detect a loaded alternator or a loaded solar system without additional control cables or other complicated circuits.
a brilliant idea, with great benefits and simple installation.
If the voltage over 16V or 32V in 24V systems are separated by the destruction of the auxiliary battery with a faulty alternator to prevent the batteries.
It is still 160A and 500A version with stand the following additional circuit include:
Optionally can be installed on the dashboard, a switch where the two batteries can be connected manually. This "trick" has already started some engines in extreme cold or in the mountains in very thin air where other vehicles are left lying. The relay can also be used as discharge to certain consumers only to switch on when the alternator is running. (Refrigerator and other consumers)

Nominal Voltage: 12V / 24
with automatic switch Continuous current: 100A (160A and 500A on request)
voltage paralleling: 13.2 / 26.4 V separate
voltage: 12.8 / 25.6 volt
Max continuous current parallel. 100 amperes
weight: 110 g
Size: LxWxH 46x46x84 mm
main terminals M6, auxiliary connections 6.3 mm Faston
power consumption: 1.5 mA (Very energy-saving version)

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