Solar GEL Exide lead battery 12V 235 Ah C100


Solar battery for professional applications

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The GEL batteries from Exide are designed for maximum cycle life and durability. By GEL technology, these Heavy Duty batteries are 100% maintenance free, vibration-proof, leak-proof and have a very small self-discharge (60% capacity after 2 years without recharging).
The life under cyclic loading is very high, for example, 20% of the energy removed, can such a discharge charging cycle to be repeated 1800 times, which only very few types of batteries provide. The battery is gastight i.e. also suitable for places where no acid fumes may escape. By GEL technology, a maximum tilt angle of 180 ° is allowed

Technical Specifications:.

Nominal voltage: 12 V
CCA: 630 A (For use with large inverters suitable)
charge voltage: 14.2 V
capacity C100: 235 Ah (at 100 hours discharge)
capacity C20: 210 Ah (at 20 hours of discharge )
Recommended charging current: 30 A, maximum 60 A
life expectancy 50% discharge cycles 1000
life expectancy 20% discharge cycles 1800
Dimensions: 51.8 x 29.1 x 24.2 cm (L x W x H)

Leakproof, even with a damaged housing, vibration proof
70 kg

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