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Maintenance-free lead battery with very low self-discharge
The Deep Cycle Series from Victron are premium GEL batteries that have a lifetime of up to 12 years and can be unloaded and charged up to 1800 times.

These gas-tight and light batteries are therefore ideally suited for heavy duty on electric vehicles, extremely frequently used solar systems (cycles), mobile applications and for starting motors with large currents.

Due to the very low self-discharging and the position independence, you can also be used in sailing ships and do not have to be removed during the winter.

The properties in the overview:

- Very high number of charge and discharge cycles

- Long calendar life from 7 to 10 years (float)

- High capacity with low weight

- Maintenance free

- Gas tight, no acid fumes

- Location-independent, operation possible in any position

- High charge-discharge efficiency

- Deep self-discharge of less than 2% per month at 20 ° C

- High maximum discharge current of 550A (CCA Cold cranking Amps)

- Fast charge possible

Technical specifications:

Nominal voltage: 12 volts

Capacity C20: 110 Ah (At 20 ° C discharge at 25 ° C)

Cycle resistance: 80% discharge 500 cycles, 50% discharge 750 cycles, 30% 1800 cycles.

Maximum charging current: 22 Ampere

Maximum discharge current: 550A 5 sec.

Mass: Lx WxH 330x171x220 mm

Storage: The batteries can be stored at 25 ° C for about 6 months. At lower temperature longer.

Maintenance-free (No water check or refill)

Weight: 33 Kg

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