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Goal Zero Yeti 200 X Solar Powerbank
A complete solar system in miniature! Usually you need a solar battery with charge regulator and inverter including wiring, everything is integrated here.
This makes sense if the whole thing is to be mobile or if someone does not feel like wiring and installing a corresponding solar system.

The Yeti 200 X consists of a 14.4 volt 13 Ah lithium battery that can be charged with a 230 volt charger, a 12 volt cable on the cigarette lighter in the car or via a solar panel.
The energy can be used via 230 volts alternating current, USB or 12V output.

The following solar modules are suitable for charging the Yeti 220 X: Link to the solar panel

Scope of delivery:
230 volt charger
Complete device consisting of:
- lithium battery
- 230 inverters
- USB outputs / inputs
- 12 volt output
- Solar input

Technical specifications:

Charging input for solar panel: max 22 V, up to 7A (100W max) charging time min 2h)
230V charger: 60 watts (charging time approx. 4h)

Lithium battery:
Capacity: 13000 mAh (at 14.4V) or 187 Wh

USB output: 3 times USB 5V 2.1A
12 volt plug with 10A (voltage stabilized)
12 volt cigarette plug 10A without voltage stabilization
230 volts alternating current output with modified sinusoidal voltage 120 watts short-term 200 watts)
General Information:
Temperature range: 0-40 ° C
LCD charge indicator: 0 - 100%
Size: 20 x 13 x 13 cm
Weight: 2.3 kg
2 year guarantee

This power bank doesn't shy away from any comparison with the test winners, ideal for on the go, trekking and hiking

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