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The powerful Ecoflow Delta Max 2000 portable power station is revolutionary compared to comparable devices on the market. The device has a 2016 Wh lithium-ion battery that can be charged up to 80% within 1 hour. The Portable Power Station has, among other things, 1 AC ports (230 V) with a maximum output power of 2400 W (5000 W peak power), but also 2 USB-C PD ports (100 W).

The Ecoflow Delta Max 2000 can be charged in different ways. The device is equipped with a fast charge input of 2000 W and can therefore be fully charged within 2 hours (80% in 1st hour). The Ecoflow Delta Max 2000 can also be charged via solar modules. With solar panels, the maximum input (800 W) can be achieved.

On the front of the Delta you can check the input and output in watts. The display also clearly shows the charge status of the battery, along with a timer that can be used in various ways, e.g. to show how many hours or minutes it will take to fully charge the battery (at the socket or via solar panels) or how long the Power Station can still operate the connected device.
The Ecoflow Delta Max 2000 portable power station operates quietly and fuel-free, making it particularly practical when camping, on a boat or in a gazebo, and ideal as an emergency power supply for in and around the house.

The following solar modules are suitable for charging the Ecoflow max: LINK TO THE SOLAR PANEL

Scope of delivery:
- Charger 230 volts with cable
- Car charging cable
- Solar charging cable MC4 to XT 60 3.6 meters
- Round plug charging cable
- Instructions for use

Complete device consisting of:
- Lithium battery
- 230 inverters
- USB outputs
- 12 volt output

Technical specifications:

AC charging input power 2000W max
AC charging input voltage 220-240Vac (50Hz/60Hz) !
Solar charging input 800W 11-100V DC 10A max incl. charging cable 3.6m
Car charger 12V/24V DC 8A max

Lithium battery:
50 volts

Various USB outputs: (2xUSB A 2.4A 12 W, 2xUSB Fast Charge 18W, 2xUSB-C 100W)
12 volt cigarette plug 10A
2 x DC circular plugs 5521 12 volts 3A
4 x 230 volt AC output with pure sine voltage total 2400 watts (total short term 4600 watts)

General Information:
Temperature range: charging 0-45°C, discharging -20°C-60°C Built-in fan for cooling
Various displays such as charging time, battery status, temperatures, currents, voltages, etc.
WiFi hotspot/web server to control the device via app
AC Boost Mode for UPS operation or to connect several devices in series
Size: 49.7x24.2x30.5 cm
Weight: 22 kg
Guarantee 2 years

This power bank does not shy away from comparison with the test winners, ideal for on the go, trekking and hiking

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