62 watt portable solar panels folded, only 680 gramm !


Portable Solar module for expeditions, relief workers etc.

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Private Power PT62

The PT62 was developed by NASA for military purposes, and is now also available civil. It has a weight of 1400 grams, making it the lightest mobile solar module which is available worldwide.
It has a high efficiency (about 7%) for thin film cells, this value was due to copper indium gallium diSeenid (KIGS) technology and a patented manufacturing process possible.

the HighTech product for applications away from civilization. Whether in the Himalayas or the Amazon, wherever the weight, the size and performance are critical, the private power is unbeatable. The solar cell module has a nominal 12V output. (See voltage curve at the bottom)
Medical equipment, video cameras, laptop, GPS, cameras, video cameras, radios, etc. can now everywhere where it has sunlight via an appropriate adapter to be loaded.

Unlike many other devices, this is not a toy but a full 62 Watt power supply

Maximum power: 62 Watt
voltage: 12 volts (See voltage curve below)
Isc: 4.2 A
Voc: 28 V
Size folded: 380 x 210 x 30 mm
size spread: 1333 x 762 x 2.5 mm
temperature range: -40 ° C to 80 ° C
power coefficient: -0.5% / ° C
voltage coefficient -0.5% / ° C
material: rip stop cloth KIGS
weight: 1400 g
color: black
weatherproof, UV resistant
Built-reverse current diode
warranty: 1 year
For the charging of a laptop, see the product "laptop adapter" later
Photo:. PT62 folded

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