Shurflo TBP groundwater pump up to 70m depth


Especially suitable for 100mm boreholes

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SHURFLO Model 9300

The diaphragm pumps 9300 series have been specifically designed for use in boreholes with diameters from 100mm and depths of up to 70m. So you ideal for cattle troughs, wells, irrigation systems and drinking water supplies. The sophisticated technology and the use of premium fabrics guarantee a long life. The capacity is up to 440 liters of water per hour (At 24 volts).
With a booster accessory, the pump can operate directly from the solar module without battery. The pump is attached to a cable into the borehole.

Nominal voltage: 12V - 24V
pressure characteristic see diagram below
Max. Head: about 70 meters
Maximum current: 4 amps
Power: 20 - 120 watts (variable depending on the input voltage)
Min. Solar Module Size:
voltage depth liters / h Watt
12V 6m 212 L 30W 12V
18m 197 L 40W 12V
30m 186 L 50W 12V
42m 174 L 60W
12V 55m 163 L 70W 12V
70m 136 L 80W

24V 6m 443 L 70W 24V
18m 413 L 90W 24V
30m 390 L 110W
24V 42m 375 L 125W 24V
55m 352 L 140W 24V
70m 310 L 160W

connections: Standard 1/2 inch
run dry
Chromstahlansauggitter as filter
diameter: 95mm
height: 305mm
weight: 2.7 kg

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