Hybrid grid inverter Kostal Plenticore Plus 8.5 kW / 15000 Watt View larger

Hybrid inverter Kostal Plenticore Plus 8.5 kW / 12750 Watt


The all-rounder with 3 trackers, battery connection, web server, etc.

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CHF 1,790.00

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Kostal, the traditional brand with more than 18,000 employees worldwide and headquarters in Germany, has set a new technical standard with this inverter. There are inverters that are cheaper, but the Plenticore is the most versatile. You have to think carefully about whether a cheaper inverter is the better choice in the end.

The highlights:
- 3 trackers, one usable for solar or battery
- Integrated web server, free portal
- Optional mains current sensor, for app or battery control
- DC surge arrester class II (no external DC box required)
- Programmable auxiliary contact for increased self-consumption
- Shadow management that really works
- Low PV starting voltage, good efficiency
- Compatible with BYD, the market leader in the Lihium high-voltage storage area
- Best in class battery efficiency
- Cross charging possible, i.e. charging the battery via a second third-party inverter, operation as a pure battery inverter

Technical specifications:
MPP input voltage range: 120 - 720 volts
Maximum input voltage: 1000 volts
Maximum input current: 13 A.
Max. Power per tracker: 6500 watts
Recommended output of the PV system: Max. 12750 watts
Nominal power inverter: 8500 watts 3 phase
Battery charge / discharge current: 13A (voltage depending on the battery)
Max efficiency: 97.2%
EURO efficiency: 96.5%
Power consumption at night: <4.5 watts
Mains nominal voltage: 230 volts AC 3 phases
Mains nominal frequency: 50 Hz
Size: (WxHxD) 405x563x233 mm
Weight: 21.6 kg
Overload control: the operating point is shifted
DC isolator: integrated
Temperature range: -20 ° C to + 60 ° C
Cooling: convection, internal fan
Humidity: 4 - 100%
Outdoor installation: Yes
Guarantee: 5 years after registration


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