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Blue Line Battery charger 12V 15A


Battery Charger 12V 15 Ampere

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The Blue Line 12/1500 is a switch mode charger and one of a series of professional battery chargers. These chargers represent the latest state of the art and ensure maximum battery life.
The devices work with the most modern switch mode technology, which enables very compact dimensions and low weight. They feature a multi IUoU charging methods, thus guaranteeing a highly efficient charge with an efficiency of over 94%. The Model 12/1500 is also suitable for trickle charging of batteries during winter. The operating status of the charger is permanently displayed via LEDs.
A 15 amp battery charger with this technology charges a battery in approximately the same time as a conventional 24 amp battery charger that rectifies only the AC without switch mode technology.

Overview of advantages:
- Charges even almost completely discharged batteries with reduced current and makes a sulphation partially reversed
- with 95% of the most efficient charger on market
- Thanks to an IP65 enclosure, the devices from dust, water and chemicals are protected
- an overheating protection reduces power automatically when the unit exceeds 60 ° C, but the device will continue
- the charger can be connected over weeks and months since the voltage is selectively lowered to prevent corrosion on the lead plates
- Thanks to special lithium mode, the device can also be used for LiFePO4 batteries
- 7 Multistage charging: test phase , constant current, constant voltage, Erhltungsladung, storage mode (regeneration function Ready when charge finished)
- Thanks to temperature measurement, the batteries are temperature compensated load
- special mode where the battery charger can be used as a laboratory meat device with constant voltage and current limit
- cable for connection via terminals and eyebolts are included
- low-power mode for charging small batteries with max. 4 amps

Battery nominal voltage: 12 volts
Maximum charge current: 15 Ampere
Input voltage: 230V AC
Recommended battery capacity: 15-450 Ah
Dimensions (HxWxD) 60x105x190mm
Weight: 0.9 kg
Electronic reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection and thermal overload protection
Suitable battery types: lead-acid , gel, AGM, lithium iron phosphate
Approved for outdoor use (IP65)
Display: operating status, fault reports
Operating temperature: -30 ° C - 50 ° C
Delivery:, charger adapter cable with clamps, adapter cable with eyelets for fixed mounting
Cable: 1.5 meters power cable, 1.5 meter battery cable

Warranty: 5 years

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