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Solar Cube 800 Watt


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"The Cube" is a symbiosis of design and high-tech solar technology. If already produce electricity then it is but also the eye like the motto was in the development of this monolith. By cube performed early in the morning is almost equal to produced until late at night almost constant and is also in the winter at low sun much energy. The cube has a modular design and can be set up by one person in an hour. Despite the very small footprint of 80x88 cm, it has an area of ​​5 square meters almost entirely comprised of solar modules. 
He has a power input of 300 watts and can thus easily connect to any power outlet. about 400 kWh of energy produced annually. the personal consumption share, since it is very constant feeding from dawn to dusk, a high performance high and your energy bill is reduced significantly. the monolith is To every storm withstand complains accordingly.

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They produce so ca . 400 kWh per year and can therefore cover the following:
- daily with an electric bike ride about 100 km or
- 40% of their electricity consumption or cover
- burn 110 energy saving lamps one hour daily let
- Or weekly driving an electric car 80 km

Energy: 400 kWh proJahr
Peak power: AC 300 watts , solar module power DC 800 Watt
The cube consists of solar panels, steel and aluminum
Cable length 8 meter (Other lengths when ordering)
Size: (LxWxH 80 x 88 x 180 cm)
Life 25 years
Weight: Approx 90 kg, gravel to weigh not included

Delivery content:

Cube complete incl. Inverters, cables, energy meter and FI monitoring.

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