"All Risk" Insurance for solar plants  Helvetia Solar Versicherung Photovoltaik.jpg


A photovoltaic system is often a large investment which should also be insured accordingly.
The following risks must be excluded:
1: Damage to the installation (capital risk)
2: interruptions in electricity production (loss of income / interest rate risk)
3: Liability claims (claims of third parties)
We offer you insurance with Helvetia Versicherungen as a partner to the following:
Covered risks:
- Overvoltage, short circuit, induction
- Floods, moisture
- Operating errors, awkwardness, vandalism
- Construction errors, material defects, equipment failures (for example, the inverter is defective, defective in the solar module)
- Animal bite
- Hail, storm, snow print
- theft, burglary, robbery
- Rockfall, rockfall, landslide
- fire, smoke, explosion, constriction, pollution
Insured is the entire system incl. Solar modules, rack, cables, network inverter etc.
The insurance has a 10-year term and can be extended after expiry of the insurance period. The insurance is available exclusively from us, ie. It is offered directly with the facility. By virtue of this principle and the specialization in the much smaller risks and the high reliability of a solar system, insurance is considerably cheaper than usual ATA (General Technical Assets) insurance.
The solar modules and the grid inverter are also insured. Although such supplementary insurance schemes can also be partially concluded with the manufacturers, the chance that these manufacturers no longer exist in 8 years is not negligible.
Partial damage is also covered by the building insurance. However, this is different from canton to canton and is partly also related to the plant size, etc. Elementary damage is always covered by our PV insurance no matter where you live.
Optionally a liability insurance can be concluded with a cover of 3 or 5 million SFr.