Fan 12 Volt 5 Watt 170 m3 / h


Highly efficient long-life solar fans

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These ball bearings, electronically commutated axial fans are ideally suited for operation directly from solar panel or from the battery. In direct mode, the fan runs precisely when the greatest heat arises and the greatest power is generated by the solar module. A charge controller is not required to direct operating a 10 W solar module is ideal for this fan. Bring
Axial compared with radial Diagonal and cross-flow fans with a very low power consumption the highest air sales.

flow: 170 m3 / h (47.2 liters per second)
Voltage: 6 - 15V (24V available on request )
Power Rating: 5 watts
noise: 45 dB
rated speed: 2800 r / min
temperature range: -20 to + 75 ° C
weight: 220 g
lifetime: 62,000 hours at 40 ° C
pressure characteristic: see diagram below, characteristic No. 3
dimensions:. 119x119 mm, details see drawing below
DC fan with electronically commutated external rotor motor , Fully integrated commutation electronics.
With electronic reverse polarity, blocking and overload protection through PTC resistance

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