20 high-performance solar modules Meyer Burger black 395 watts (total 7900 watts) 21.5% View larger

20 high-performance solar modules Meyer Burger black 395 watts (total 7900 watts) 21.5%


LG, the emphasis in the electronics market with new high-performance module

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Meyer Burger white 395 watts 21.5%

Meyer Burger heralds a new era. Solar modules developed in Switzerland and 100% produced in Germany - that's something completely new. The modules are produced with 100% renewable energy and contain no lead. The production in Europe also eliminates the freight from Asia to Europe, another advantage. Meyer Burger gives a 25-year product guarantee and, of course, a 25-year performance guarantee for a whopping 92% of the nominal output, even after 25 years. This guarantee comes from Germany, not anywhere.

The modules not only bring the very high output of 395 watts, they also bring a performance gain at high temperatures because the temperature coefficient is only -0.259% / ° C. The temperature coefficient is a world record, even beating Sunpower modules (-0.29% / ° C), which otherwise have the lead.

The modules withstand snow forces of 5400 Pa from the front and wind forces of 2400 Pa. A safety factor of 150% is observed, i.e. only from 8100Pa / 3600Pa there is irreversible deformation.

Meyer Burger has been developing machines for the production of solar modules since 1999, and from 2021 onwards, its own modules will also be produced.

Other quantities than the offered 20 pieces are available on request, ask for a non-binding offer

Technical specifications:

Nominal power at STC: 395 watts (STC: Standard test conditions, 25 ° C cell temperature, AM 1.5, 1000W / m2)
Voltage at maximum power (UMPP): 38.7 volts
Current at maximum power (IMPP): 10.3 amps
Open circuit voltage: 44.7 volts
Short circuit current: 10.9 amps
Power tolerance: +/- 3%
Maximum system voltage: 1000 volts
Temperature coefficient of power: -0.259% / ° C
Performance guarantee: 25 years (92% of the guaranteed minimum performance)
Product guarantee: 25 years
Connection: 1200mm cable ends with Multicontact MC4 connectors
3 integrated bypass diodes to increase performance with partial shading
Glass: Tempered low iron 3.2mm solar glass
Certification: IEC61215 / IEC 61730
Maximum load: 5400 Pa on the front 2400 Pa on the rear
Series fuse max. 15 A
Operating temperature: -40 ° C to + 85 ° C
Dimensions: 1041 x 1767 x 35 mm
Weight: 19.7 kg

The solar modules are shipped directly to your construction site, no collection of pallets in our warehouse 


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