200 Pieces Solar Roof Tile Burned Black (Total 1800 Watts)


A dream comes true, roof tiles that produce electricity

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CHF 6,300.00

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Solar roof tiles that produce electricity are somewhat more expensive than normal solar modules, but are laid much faster and do not need mounting structure so that the price difference relativized again. 
The real advantage is, of course, the beautiful design and the ability to combine these bricks with normal bricks and so to occupy the roof almost completely. Even roof windows, bay windows and fireplaces are no problem, in normal solar modules you push there quickly to the limits. Solar roof tiles have been around ever since there are solar modules, but what's new is that solar roof tiles are becoming more and more efficient and the price is affordable.

Other quantities than the offered 200 pieces available on request, ask for a non-binding offer

Technical specifications:
Nominal power at STC: 9 watts (STC: standard test conditions, 25 ° C cell temperature, AM 1.5, 1000W / m2)
Voltage at maximum power (UMPP): 1.06 volts
Current at maximum power (IMPP): 8.51 amps
Open circuit voltage: 1.28 volts
Short circuit current: 8.99 amps
Power tolerance: 0 +/- 5%
Maximum system voltage: 600 volts
Temperature coefficient of performance: -0.34% / ° C
Connection: Cable ends with Multicontact MC4 plugs
Glass: Annealed low-iron 3.2mm solar glass
Maximum load: 200 Kg / m2
Series fuse max. 15 A
Operating temperature: -40 ° to + 80 °
Dimensions: 487 x 296 mm (grid width 242mm)
Battens between 419 and 428 mm
Minimum pitch 15/22 °
Weight: 4.8 kg

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