20 high-performance solar module LG NeoN 2 Bifacial 300 Watt Mono (Total 6000 Watt)


LG, the emphasis in the electronics market with new high-performance module

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LG MonoX NeoN 300 Bifacial

This solar module is solar "active" at the front and rear. The reflected light from the ground is also used and thus the module has under optimal conditions up to 375 watts. The high performance is achieved when the module is fixed at a distance of about one meter or more from the ground and the ground is well reflected, e.g. white gravel or snow. This means that this module is ideal for carports or the roof over the porch.

With 91,000 employees worldwide, LG is a heavyweight in the field of consumer electronics and thus has the potential to get involved with the very big ones. So far, Sunpower has shared the market with Sanyo and kept prices high.

LG uses N-type cells that degrade less, which pays off over the duration of use. The low temperature coefficient of -0.38% / ° C and the very good low-light performance with a loss of efficiency of only 4.5% with 200W radiation form the basis for very good yields.

LG has not only the world's most powerful module with 60 pieces 156mm cells but also one of the lightest with 17 Kg. An important factor for the high yield are the bifacial cells which also utilize the reflected radiation on the back cover on the back of the cells. This module is the second generation of modules with cello technology, a 6000 pascal increased pressure resistance and improved warranty.

Other quantities than the offered 20 pieces available on request, ask for a non-binding offer

Technical specifications:
Nominal power at STC: 300 (375) watts (STC: Standard test conditions, 25 ° C cell temperature, AM 1.5, 1000W / m2)
Voltage at maximum power (UMPP): 32.9 (33) volts
Power at maximum power (IMPP): 9.15 (11.44) amperes
Open circuit voltage: 40.1 (40.3) volts
Short-circuit current: 9.65 (12.14) amps
Power tolerance: 0 to + 3%
Maximum system voltage: 1000 volts
Temperature coefficient of performance: -0.38% / ° C
Performance guarantee: 25 years (80% of the guaranteed minimum performance)
Product warranty: 10 years
Connection: 1000mm cable ends with Multicontact MC4 connectors
3 integrated bypass diodes for increased performance with partial shading
Glass: Annealed low-iron 3.2mm solar glass
Certification: IEC61215 / IEC 61730
Maximum load: 6000 Pa on front side 5400 Pa on back side
Series fuse max. 15 A
Operating temperature: -40 ° to + 90 °
Dimensions: 1000 x 1640 x 40 mm
Weight: 17 kg

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