Solar balcony railings


Photovoltaic balustrade building integration

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CHF 8,558.00

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Creative minds have solar modules become part of the buildings  

Balcony railings are ideally suited to produce electricity and to ensure the safety rail. It's possible to contruct balcony railing of standard modules but when the aesthetic requirements are higher, we recommend this product made of glass / glass solar modules that are optimally matched to the stainless steel frame. There are no visible cables, which are integrated into the system.

The railing has a power output of approx. 130 watts per meter and an energy yield of approx. 90 kWh for the south orientation. The cost of the railing without installation is per running meter to approx. SFr 800.- (this can vary depending on balcony size and construction upwards or downwards)

Each balcony railing is optimally matched to the construction, the rail can be mounted at front or on top of the balcony slab.

Gladly we advise you for the integration into your building

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