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There are a lot of sealed floor areas that are uselessly lit by the sun all day but do not produce electricity. A significant part of these areas can be used to produce solar power. Unfortunately, there are some companies in this area who are approaching the topic in a specific way. Solar Roadways promises to make motorways solar active, but this is not useful in our experience because the price / performance ratio is definitely not right. 

Our solar flooring has already been entered by several 10,000 people and has proven itself in everyday practical life.

Here are a few examples where solar active floor coverings make sense:
- Roof terraces that are mostly not used but occasionally a party or someone enjoys the view
- Seats of single-family homes
- Private walkways
- Forecourts to houses, alpine huts, etc. do not get a building permit for a system on the roof. Sealed forecourts are approved everywhere, if it even needs a permit.
- Public places where you want to make a statement in the direction of renewable energy
- forecourts and entrances to companies and hotels etc. where you want to show the guest or customer that innovation and environmental protection is an issue here
- Places where a "hecker" is sought, we can guarantee that the flooring is a topic of discussion
- Your imagination knows no bounds, contact us, together we will find a solution

Where solar floor coverings make less sense:
- Driven roads, highways, airstrips

The following distinguishes our solar floor coverings:
- Anti-slip (on request)
- The flooring is self-cleaning due to normal rainfall
- The surface is scratch resistant under normal use
- Individual modules can be easily replaced if necessary
- Shading on a floor slab does not influence the power production of the remaining floor covering (to be considered for inverter design)

The technical data:
PV power per base plate: 170 watts
UMPP: 19.58 volts
IMPP: 8.72 amps
UOC: 23.18 volts
ISC: 9.18 amps
Max system voltage: 1000 volts
Power tolerance: 0 / + 5W
Ambient temperature: + 85 ° to -40 ° C
Number of cells: 36
Color: Black
Weight per base plate: 40 kg
Size: 1000 x 1064 x 50 mm
The floor panels are a patented product of go Solar GmbH

Installation instructions:
- The floor panels are suitable for regular inspection by persons. You can drive over it with vehicles, but this is not recommended and the warranty expires.
- In rain or moisture there is a risk of slipping. For private land the owner has to check this, for public places please contact us. It is possible to integrate a corresponding anti-slip protection, but the performance and the yield is thereby reduced
- It is recommended to lay the floor slabs on slightly sloping terrain with a slope of approx. 2%. This weill then the water can drain and the modules clean themselves
- The modules must not be flooded for a long time, which means that it must be ensured that the rainwater can run off.
- The substrate must be flat and hard, e.g. Garden plates or composite stones recommended.
- Between the flat, hard surface and the PV floor slabs, a building protection mat (rubber crumb) of at least 10 mm thickness must be installed
- Mains inverters are not included. They are offered on a project-specific basis and are installed via a ground pipe in a protected location
- Ground plates are grounded in Plug & Play systems with a 2.5mm2 cable and fixed installations with a 10mm2 cable
- You can install up to 12 base plates yourself and connect them directly to the socket without an electrician. Ask us about the regulations

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