360 watt solar kit with high-performance solar module


Solarkit with High Tech solar module

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CHF 1,240.00

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This Solarkit the maximum can be taken out of power even for difficult roof conditions. The Sunpower Solar panels provide 330 watts on the area of ​​conventional 180 Watt modules. The kit includes everything to the modules safely be stuck on the roof and be connected to the vehicle electrical system.

Your advantage:
- Extremely low space requirement by solar module with world highest efficiency
- More performance at high temperatures by very low temperature coefficient
- No holes in the roof, TÜV tested adhesive technology with reduced wind noise
- High performance of the solar module by optimum ventilation
- microprocessor controlled charging scheme and therefore longer battery life
- adjustable for gel and acid batteries

Solar module: 3 piece Sunpower SPR 110, 110 Watt, 12V, 103.7 x 52.7 x 3.5 cm, 7.4 kg
Charge Controller: Microprocessor based solar charge controller 12V 20A
Mounting: 4 fixing corners 4 33 cm connection profiles
Klebeset: Sikaflex 252
Cable: 7 meter solar cable 2x4mm2 twice a vein with double implementing
Roof outlet: Waterproof roof penetration

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