Solar module 24 volt 255 watt transparent laminate with frame


Transparent solar modules offer completely new possibilities in architecture

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Creative minds let solar modules become part of buildings and provide shade

The time is over when solar panels only produced electricity and were hidden on the roof. Get creative and integrate the solar modules in entrance areas, or use the modules as a winter garden where you can enjoy the summer in partial shade like under a vine roof, while electricity is produced at the same time. There are no limits to your creativity, we support you with your project. You choose the degree of transparency from 6 to 53%, which means that up to 53% of the solar module is transparent, the rest produces electricity. The modules are translucent and transparent.

Technical specifications:
Nominal power at STC: 255 watts
Number of cells: 48 pieces
Transparency: 23.8%
Voltage (at Pmax): 25.6 volts
Current (at Pmax): 9.75 amps
Open circuit voltage: 32.8 volts
Short circuit current: 10.05 amps
Max. System voltage: 1000 volts
Dimensions: 1658 x 995 x 27/5 mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 18.7 kg
Hail resistance: hailstone 25mm / 83 km/h

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