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Solarmodule 24 Volt 300W black


Monocristalline standard solar module with 300 watts maximum power

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Suntech is one of the oldest Asian manufacturers of solar modules and has very extensive experience in the mass production of modules. The Suntech Hypro STP300S-20Wfw / Web Mono Black is a standard industry module with very good performance. A robust frame encloses the module to the low-iron 3.2mm front glass. The 156mm cells are embedded in EVA airtight, thus guaranteeing a long life. The modules have a positive performance sorting and therefore always bring 300 watts or more. The frame, the cells and the back sheet are black making it very visually appealing. Suntech is one of the few module manufacturers of the modules to the MPP current sorted so that the modules bring more power in the string.

The Suntech solar modules stand out by the following properties from:

- Very good price / performance ratio
- 10 years warranty
- Manufacturer performance guarantee of 25 years on 80% of the module power
- One of the most experienced Asian producers
- PID protected, loses almost no performance throughout the life of

Technical Specifications:
Nominal power at STC: 300 watts
Power tolerance 0 + 5 Watt
Voltage (at Pmax): 32.6 volts
Current (at Pmax): 9.21 ampere
Open-circuit voltage: 39.9 volts
Max. System voltage: 1000 Volts
Short circuit current: 9.55 Ampere
Dimensions 1640 x 992 x 35 mm (LxWxH)

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