LED solar street lamp without power from the grid


Powerful LED Solar Street Lamp

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solar street lamps are characterized by the following features:

- Appealing design
- Good sized maintenance-free accumulator
- Powerful LED headlamp
- Intelligent programable time management
- Oversized powerful solar module

For the above properties can be quickly deduced that although there are many manufacturers are confusing, but very few that really what it claims to hold. Most lamps emit in our latitudes in November their minds on or lights so weak that the illumination requirements are not met.
Our offered solar street lamp consists of 8 solar modules deliver a record 128 watts. The energy is stored in a 27 Ah AGM lead-acid battery and converted to a 16 watt LED light head the latest generation in a luminous flux of maximum 3200 lumens.
On the integrated lighting management, the light after sunset (which is detected through the voltage of the solar module) then, and brings full power. After a defined time the lamp is zurückgedimmt (40%) and down in case of need in long winter nights in the sleep mode (if night longer than 10h) is.
Before dawn again then turned in the dimmed mode to full power and at sunrise .
Other advantages of this lamp is a very short installation time (about 1 hour) through the screw-in, no problems with snow as the solar modules are mounted vertically and a neutral LED light does not attract insects.

Monocrystalline solar modules: 128 watts
accumulator: 12V 27Ah (life approx 6 years)
Operating temperature: -20 ° C to + 50 ° C
dimensions: energy head 237x237x1310mm, Total height above ground: 5743mm spot 4200mm above ground, mast in the ground 750mm
LED light head: 16W max. 3200 lumens 5300 Kelvin life greater 50'000h
Gesammtgewicht: 80 kg
Warranty 2 years
delivery:. Strassenlampe completely without foundation including mast, solar modules, light head, control, battery etc

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