Solar battery MPPT charge controllers 100V 50 Amp with display View larger

Solar battery MPPT charge controllers 100V 50 Amp with display


solar battery MPPT charge controller 12 / 24V 50 amp

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The new Blue Star MPPT charge controller also makes it possible in smaller solar systems 10-30% more power from the connected Panel extract. By MAXIMUM POWER POINT TRACKING (MPPT), the solar module is always operated at the maximum power and not be forced to the battery voltage.

It is thus possible a solar module with a voltage of, for example, to connect 57V to a 12V battery or to connect two 12V modules in series to a 12V battery.

In the winter when the power supply with solar technology is critical to have the solar modules the highest voltage and thus the energy gain with an MPPT controller greatest. In addition, the efficiency at low battery voltage additionally increases, which may result in an energy gain of up to 70%. (Winter and deep battery voltage)

The fact that the solar panels can have a higher voltage than the battery, significantly smaller cable cross-sections can be used what especially with long lines, a large cost savings is. The SunSaver MPPT Morningstar has a very high efficiency of up to 97.5%. These charge controllers are equipped with an external display that the solar panel and the battery display the electrical values ​​such as voltage, current, power and consumer power. Additionally Histrian information on the energy produced in recent times, etc. appear.

The advantages:

- An average of 10 - 30% more yield

- Up to 70% greater yield at low battery voltage in winter

- It can favorable (larger) solar modules are used

- less installation costs (cable)

- display with all current and historical values ​​


Input voltage range: 17 - 100 VDC

Max. Battery power: 50A

battery voltage: 12V / 24V (automatic recognition)

efficiency: up to 98%

Standby consumption: 14 mA

Recommended solar panel power: 12V / 700W, 24V / 1400W

temperature compensation: Yes

Temperature range: -20 ° C to + 50 ° C

Terminals: 13 mm2

Protection: reverse polarity (fuse), short circuit, over temperature

No battery discharge protection (in this investment size is normally used an inverter of a discharge has)

types of batteries: Gel, AGM, acid,

Dimensions Charge Controller: 130 x 186 x 70 mm (WxDxH)

Dimensions Display: Front panel 69x69mm, diameter 52mm unit, length unit 31mm

weight Charge Controller : 1.25 kg

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