OPzS Solar Block Batteries 2V 4420 Ah to 20 years operating at max. 15'000 cycles


Solar batteries for professional applications such as hospitals, SAC huts, telecommunications etc.

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OPzS 2 volt batteries are built for professional use and due to tube technology and armor plates a lifespan up to 20 years and can, in extreme cases up to 15,000 times to be unloaded and reloaded. This extremely robust built-in batteries are suitable for medium and large solar systems with a voltage of 24 or 48V and a capacity 285-4770 Ah. The block batteries are connected in a corresponding rack so that we arrive at the desired tension. The batteries require very little maintenance and have a large reserve of water so that the water resp rarely refilled. controlled muss.Das housing is made of transparent high-quality SAN (styrene-acrylonitrile) plastic. Thanks labyrinth plugs aerosols are actively retained. The dimensions corresponding to DIN 40736-1 and the batteries are thus compatible with other manufacturers and can therefore replace several other brands. On request, we also offer maintenance-free GEL supply variant (OPzV), this option is more expensive

Technical Specifications:
Nominal voltage: 2 V (12 pieces give 24V, 24 pieces give 48V nominal voltage)
Charge voltage: 23.2 V (20 ° C)
Deep discharge: 1.8 V
Capacity C100: 4420 Ah (at 100 hours discharge)

Nominal charging current: Unlimited to 2.4 volts, then according to instructions
Maximum discharge current: Unlimited within recommended voltage limits
Short-circuit current according to DIN: 19970 ampere
Operating temperature: rated temperature 20 ° C, 10 ° to 30 ° recommended reduce lower temperatures capacity, higher service life, absolute maximum of 55 ° C never exceed
Self-discharge about 3% per month at 20 ° C
Life expectancy: max. 20 years at 30% discharge depth and daily discharge still 10 years (details see graph below)
Dimensions: 215 x 580 x 815 mm (L x W x H)
Weight filled: 231 kg

Price valid when ordering minimum 6 piece

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