Angels swinging compressor built-in refrigerator 55/57 liter 12V / 24/230 -2 ° CK-57 / SR-70E


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Angels Model CK-57E / SR-70E refrigerator for installation

ENGEL fridges are thanks to your very high efficiency and your unsurpassed efficiency suited for use in tropical hot countries. ENGEL cooling units are easy and allows very low noise even when under extreme inclination and strong vibrations, the devices of choice for ocean-going vessels, professional 4x4 expeditions in the tropics, etc. The patented oscillating compressor all ENGEL equipment for 40 years.
Angel Refrigerators are world renowned for their particularly high quality and your unique longevity. For this reason are angels only manufacturer on its products with a 3 year warranty

Outside dimensions: 506 x 530 x 586 [WxHxD]
voltage: 12 / 24V -  If necessary, a 230V adapter can be ordered.

content: 55/57 liters
material: enclosure and door frame steel sheet
door with magnetic closure, teak design
weight: 20 kg
temperature range: + 5 ° C to & lt; - 2 ° C
Electronic thermostat

Power consumption (12.8V):

Inside 5 ° C ambient 25 ° C approximately 0.5A, 13Ah / day, 7W
Interior 5 ° C ambient 35 ° C approximately 1.2A, 28Ah / day, 15W
Interior 5 ° C ambient 45 ° C approximately 1.8A, 43Ah / day, 23W

Maximum power: 36 watts (at maximum voltage)
use: 4x4, campers, motorhomes, caravans, sailing boat, caravan, camping

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