Mounting system for pitched roofs insertion system with hanger bolts


assembly technology for the sloping roof

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The insertion system for pitched roofs with hanger bolts is used when the module array is mounted on corrugated fiber cement or flat Eternit. The stainless steel hanger bolts are screwed into the rafters or purlins. The roof skin is pierced at Welleternit or used a special plate with flat Eternit which is sealed at the top by a rubber ring. Thus the whole force and into the wood and not the roof covering is geleitet.Auf the hanger bolts aluminum rails are fixed in turn cross rails are bolted on those. The cross rails are adapted to the module frame height and are shaped that the solar modules are inserted and no longer have to be screwed. The modules do not attain the maximum load capacity in order to achieve this, they can be moved cross but that the Central Plateau is not necessary. The insertion system can be slightly faster than a clamping system mount and a later replacement of a module is very easy. The insertion system needs a minimum roof slope of about 10 °. The hanger bolts may also be combined with the clamping system. (See images below)

photovoltaic mounting systems ensure that the solar modules for the service life of about 30 years, are secured on the flat sloping roof or on the facade / outdoors. In addition, the solar modules are also on the frame and electrically grounded against surges such as Lightning protected. The frame is made of aluminum and stainless steel, making it 100% protected against corrosion. The sytem is can be mounted easily and quickly be low and all forces take that occur due to wind and snow load. Depending on the terminal point guarantee the solar module manufacturer a certain load on the front and back of the module. Up to a height of about 800 meters standard solar modules can be used, it needs about special modules can withstand the increased snow load and the larger wind pressure.

In order for the mounting frame has all these characteristics, it must go through professionals are statically designed correctly and matched to the roof. Each roof has its specialties, there are several manufacturers of various products, we will find for your roof, the optimal frame.

We make the appropriate design, the costs of SFr 100.- will help you with the delivery the mounting rack credited back.

the price is calculated for a module array of 5 rows a 4 modules (20 modules total), we expect the frame for your option.

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