14 Watt solar charger 2xUSB 1 Ampere collapsible View larger

14 Watt solar charger 2xUSB 1 Ampere collapsible


Portable Solar module for expeditions, photographers, etc.

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Private Power PT14

The high-tech product for applications away from civilization. Whether in the Himalayas or the Amazon, wherever weight, size and performance are crucial, the PrivatPower is unbeatable. The solar module has two USB outputs with 1 amp each. Sunpower cells with an efficiency of over 22% make this charger smaller and lighter than any other competing product.
Medical equipment, video cameras, laptops, GPS, cameras, movie cameras, radios, cell phones, iPods etc. can now be charged wherever there is sunlight. For larger power requirements, multiple devices can be connected in parallel without any problems.
Unlike many other devices, this is not a toy but a full 14 watts power source!

If required, a USB power bank can be charged, saving energy for the night.

Technical specifications:

Power: 14 watts
Output: 2 x USB 1A (Total 2A)
Weight: 315 grams
Mass combined: 155 x 310 x 26 mm
Mass laid out: 465 x 310 x 20mm
Cell type: Monocrystalline Sunpower cells
Color: Black
Warranty: 2 years
Do not expose to water
Attachment: 4 loops / 1 eyelet
Scope of delivery: solar charger, charging cable, instructions for use

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