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Salt water battery Battery 48V 540 Ah 120A including BMS


Environmentally friendly saltwater accumulator with very low "life cycle" costs

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These accumulators are completely different from any other accumulators. The battery contains no toxic components and is the world's only battery which is certified Cradle to Cradle.
The battery makes 3,000 full cycles and lasts 10 years in hard operation. It is clearly much bigger than other batteries but a battery that can be composted more or less after 10 years is already a significant advantage, the environment and your children thank you. In order to install the battery, you can insert it into individual parts.
The battery can also be used with the appropriate electronics as a self-consuming battery.
It is not suitable for temperatures below -5 ° C, in summerhouses it must be installed in the cellar in a frost-proof room.
These salt water batteries have the following characteristics:
- Does not contain heavy metals or other toxic components
- 100% recyclable
- Very high charging / discharging current of up to 240 Ampere
- Very high cycle strength / service life of up to 3000 cycles
- Expected lifetime of over 10 years
- 100% maintenance free

Technical specifications:
Nominal capacity: 540 Ah, 25.9 kWh
Voltage: 40 to 59.5 volts, nominal 48 volts
Charge current: nominal 120A
Maximum discharge current: 240 A, 11.7 kW
Temperature range: -5 to 40 ° C
Expected life: over 10 years
Weight: 1504 kg
Size: 1159 x 1321 x 1016 mm (HxWxD)
Cycle number: 3000 cycles at 100% unloading depth

The battery is suitable for a series circuit up to 1000V

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