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Kostal Piko MP Plus 1.5 Power Inverter 2300 Watt


inverter with peak efficiency of 98% !!

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With this inverter, Kostal and your engineers have developed the world's best device with a top efficiency of a sensational 97.4%. In addition, the input voltage range is very large at 75 to 360 volts. The efficiency is kept extremely high not only at a certain voltage or power but almost over the entire voltage range.
Of course, the inverter is a bit more expensive than comparable devices, due to the higher output that is fed in every day, but these costs are recovered. Since the device generates almost no power loss, there is also no cooler and the housing can be hermetically sealed. Due to the low temperatures inside the device, the service life could be increased further. A corresponding DC isolator is built in and allows the system to be disconnected from the power supply at any time. A display is integrated on the front where the yield and the electrical characteristics can be read.
The inverter has one or 2 MPP trackers, one of which can always be used as a bidirectional input / output and thus a high-voltage battery, e.g. from BYD, can be connected.

Monitoring can be carried out via the free Kostal portal.

Technical specifications:
Starting voltage: 75 volts (with reduced power)
MPP input voltage range: 120 - 360 volts
Maximum input voltage: 450 volts
Maximum input current: 13 A.
Max. Recommended power of the PV system: 2300 watts
Nominal power inverter: 1500 watts
Max efficiency: 97.4%
Mains nominal voltage: 230 volts AC
Mains nominal frequency: 50 Hz
Size: (WxHxD) 399x657x222 mm
Weight: 12.6 kg
Overload control: the operating point is shifted
DC isolator: integrated
Surge arrester DC side: II
Built-in web server
Temperature range: -25 ° C to + 60 ° C
Cooling: convection, internal fan
Humidity: 0 - 100%
Guarantee: 5 years after registration


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