Bidirectional 2000W sine wave inverter 48 volts to 230 volts Xtender XTM 2600-48


Studer XTM 2600-48 Inverter Swiss Made

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On Alps or other remote lodges one knows the problem with the power supply with diesel generators. Again, even if only small loads are connected, the diesel has to run, on the other hand, the power consumption rises again with new equipment and the diesel group takes over this short time to your benefit limit.
A very large diesel generator must then for this very short times to be purchased.
Both problems (underload / overload) are dissolved with the SMART BOOST system from Studer very elegant. If the energy consumption is very low, the diesel can be switched off, the load is powered from the battery via Xtender with 230V. Once larger loads are switched on or the battery is discharged, the diesel is started and operated at medium power with good efficiency. The energy used is not required is stored in the battery.
Now increases the energy demand at a higher value than the power of the diesel generator, the diesel is running on full load AND the Xtender brings full power from the battery, so that for a short time depending on the design eg twice the generator power is available.
Now available, a battery and a stand-alone inverters, can be reloaded easily with photovoltaic or wind energy, so as except seasonal is no longer needed, the generator.

In principle, the system compares a hybrid automobile and provides the same benefits.


rated voltage: 48 V
min / Max input voltage: 38-68 V
continuous power 2000 VA
Peak power for 30 min at 25 ° C approx. 2600 VA
Max power 5 sec at 25 ° C 6500 VA

nominal output voltage pure sine wave 230V +/- 2% ( short-circuit protected)
output frequency 50 Hz +/- 0.05%
Permitted cos phi 0.1 - 1
efficiency max. 96%
consumption standby 2 W (load detection 2 - 25W adjustable)
Power consumption 10 watts at idle

Battery charger:
charge current: 0 - 30A, optimized 5-stage process

General data:
Permissible ambient temperature -20 ° C to + 55 ° C
dimensions: 133 x 322 x 466 mm (LxWxH)
weight: 16.2 kg
Manufacturer warranty: 2 years


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